Every war has a price

Troubles brewing at the borders and something isn’t normal about it. All the factions are preparing for something! Does the disappearance of civilians at the border, related to this? Whatever is the reason, you'll soon learn that all war comes at a price, and no matter who remains to stand, only The War will ever win.

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The fortunes of war

Turn-based strategy

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  • Classic turn-based game
  • Carefully play your move and strategise ahead
  • Command each unit separately to use their unique skills in various ways

Cards and Deck Building

  • A mix between precise strategy and randomness of cards
  • Strike a balance between building a deck with powerful but costly cards or weaker but cheap cards
  • You are in control but are also at the mercy of the cards

Choose your own story

Choose your own story
  • Every decision you make affects the story and its characters
  • Your decision will affect the outcome of your faction and other kingdoms

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